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The 20th China International Electrical Machinery Expo and Development Forum 2020

The 20th China International Electrical Machinery Expo and Development Forum 2020 is hosted by Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in order to improve the development level of the motor industry, build an industry exchange platform, promote sustainable and healthy development, realize the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and better play the role of the government, guide innovation with the market, and further enhance the independent R & D capability of China's motor industry To promote the coordinated development of China's motor industry upstream, midstream and downstream. More than 100 professional media promoted the whole process, and more than 600 enterprises including several well-known brands in the industry were invited to participate in the exhibition. Among them, more than 30000 professional visitors were invited, which was a successful and successful gathering of the electrical machinery industry. During the exhibition, a number of seminars were held with great success. "China International Motor Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "Motor China") is held to continue to serve the motor industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Make full use of the mode of "two exhibitions in one" of professional exhibitions and trade exhibitions, the "three in one" of exhibitions, ordering meetings and seminars, and the "four business gathering" mode of manufacturers, distributors, supporting suppliers and service providers. It is a model exhibition of international electrical machinery industry with good market pertinence, technical specialty, effectiveness reality, user group and activity characteristics, so as to truly become the motor industry market It is an activity platform to promote, display new products, exchange new technologies, release new information and explore new business opportunities. Welcome to this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will try our best to do a good job in inviting professional visitors and purchasers, and strive to provide you with valuable service and exhibition effect!   The exhibition focuses on the current situation and development direction of motor industry at home and abroad. Through the large-scale, all-round, multi-level and unified international electrical machinery industry "fair" and "exhibition", the first comprehensive exhibition platform integrating industry expo, trade negotiation and Summit Forum in China's motor industry will be built. To build opportunities for exhibition, promotion, exchange and cooperation for the motor industry projects, invite domestic and foreign motor related merchants to the meeting to carry out economic and trade negotiations and centralized contract signing, promote the docking of investment and projects, and promote the vigorous development of China's motor industry.   Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition company engaged in large-scale international exhibitions, conferences and activities, dedicated to Promoting Sino foreign trade exchanges, with its headquarters in Shanghai, China. The China International Electrical Machinery Expo and development forum hosted by the company has gone through 18 years. After 18 years of hard work, it has become the leader of the International Motor Industry Exhibition. To join Motor China, you can Establish corporate image and establish industry status ■ widely meet more than 10000 professional audiences at home and abroad ■ release the latest product and new process information ■ contact with international purchasing group to develop overseas market ■ understand the development trend of the industry, grasp the competition opportunities ■ open the trade platform of the motor industry Exhibitor visitor statistics 33 countries and regions attended the exhibition, except from Chinese mainland and Taiwan and Hongkong, as well as to the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Iran, Korea, Japan, India, Mongolia, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and other countries. ■ 700 leading enterprises and brands participated in the exhibition; ■ 48650 visitors held business talks and activities at the exhibition site, including GE Energy, Xinjiang Jinfeng, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, delfock, Gree Electric Appliance, Hitachi, Siemens, Midea, Toshiba hydropower equipment, Toyota Motor, Haier, Schneider Electric Appliance, Panasonic motor, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Bosch, etc; ■ 87% of visitors participated in the exhibition to reach cooperation intention; ■ 61% of the visitors came from major mechanical equipment, automobiles, electrical appliances, fans, etc. and motor manufacturing enterprises;