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A set of professional production and sales of gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, right angle reducer, hypoid gear (AC-DC shaft) reducer, worm gear reducer, precision planetary gear reducer, induction motor, reversible motor, brake motor, brake motor, torque motor, DC brush motor, brushless DC motor, stepper motor and other products Sales integration professional company.

With its rich industry experience, extensive network of contacts, flexible cooperation mode, and giving full play to its own brand advantages, Yutian electric company has established a deep cooperative relationship with many powerful professional enterprises.


Company advantages

R & D technology innovation

Senior R & D elite team design and development

Company advantages

High cost performance

Safe, novel, advanced energy-saving performance equipment, excellent product quality, affordable price

Company advantages

Professional manufacturing

The automatic production line has passed the iso9001:2015 standard

Company advantages

High performance performance

All kinds of industrial production lines, intelligent robots and other fields are the matching products of automatic equipment optimization

Company advantages

OEM services

Automatic production line to undertake OEM business for world famous brands

National hotline:+86-137 1294 0619

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