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The reducer industry has gradually integrated into the chain of high-end industrial chain and become the pioneer industry of independent innovation.

At present, most of the frequency converters used in China's machine tool market are Japanese brands. For example, Mitsubishi inverter is widely used in machine tools because it is close to the function of server; while Delta, because its function is close to Mitsubishi, is much cheaper and cost-effective, and its market share has gradually increased in recent years. In lathe products, the application range of frequency converter is more. However, Japanese brands such as Yaskawa, Fuji, Mitsubishi and Taiwan's Delta have a large market share. Although some domestic brand frequency converters are adopted by machine tool manufacturers, such as Shenzhen Huichuan inverter, which performs well in lathe application, foreign brands still dominate in the fields with high functional requirements for frequency converter products, such as Mitsubishi, Fuji, German Siemens, Delta, etc. According to the sales data of machine tools in 2008 and 2009, the inventory situation of general-purpose machine tools, especially those with various functions, is quite severe, while the market of composite machine tools and large-scale heavy-duty products is better. These machine tools have a wide range of processing, and the parts of machine tools have different moving speeds, which also put forward higher requirements for the function of frequency converter. Domestic inverter manufacturers should seize the opportunity to cultivate the machine tool market.